Enhance your communication

In-app sharing

In-app sharing allows for better communication between artists, galleries and collectors.

Data exports

Quickly export artworks as transport lists with pickup and delivery addresses, insurance lists or just a CSV file for inventory check ups.

Room for discoveries

Generate a link with or without password for a selected group of works and give access to curators or collectors with the simplify.art viewing room.

Simplify your administration

Extended archive

Archive art works with all related costs for better future decision making and greater overview of your production budgets or varying framing costs. Never lose track of important details anymore.

Bulk uploads and edits

Copy-past-jobs are stalling your key activities? Add and edit multiple artworks at the same time and change location or price once for all entries.

Mobile and offline

With the simplify.art mobile app you can add and edit artworks while you are on a ride to the airport. Bad connectivity at the storage? Make the changes offline while you are moving the works and always have the up to date position of a work in your storage.

Keep private information safe

Security first

What you keep in your archive with simplify.art is private and encrypted. Our systems run on industry standard virtual private clouds. We do not run ads and we don’t mine your data.


We at simplify.art believe administration should be simple and smooth. Transport lists include pick up and delivery address for clear and effortless communication. Discover all the advantages.

Private sharing

Update your family or close friends on your new acquisitions with our in-app sharing function. Select the work and share to their simplify.art accounts in just 2 clicks. Our free mobile app allows everyone to be part of the experience.

Take care of your legacy

Who decides what will go down in history as humanity’s cultural production? You do! Preserve the information around your art for the future in the most professional way possible.

Professional caretaking

Save your artworks and all related information. Keep an overview of production costs, the location of your artworks, which ones are in commission and what price you set.

Quick exports

Export transport or insurance lists with all the information needed in preexisting templates and save administration time to go back to your art practice. Generate work lists for curators or storage checking or for a commission with a gallery in seconds without wasting time.

Easy communication

In-app sharing allows you to keep your tribe up to date. Share artworks from your studio right after you finish them with the simplify.art mobile app directly to your contacts. This way you can keep your gallerist or collector up to date with newly available work.