• Download the free simplify.art mobile app
  • Take a picture or upload from your photo gallery
  • Add information
  • Save
  • You can save art you own in your Collection
  • And art you love in your Wishlist
  • If you bought something from your Wishlist you can easily switch it to your Collection
  • The Production screen is the main screen for the artist’s account
  • It contains only works by the user of the account
  • The Wishlist is where you keep track of art that inspires you
  • Tap on an artwork
  • Tap on the arrow icon on the top right
  • Enter an email address or search for a contact in your contacts
  • Choose whether to include price or not
  • Hit “share”

People with the simplify.art mobile app will be notified that you shared something and see it in their activity screen. People without the app will get an email with the invitation to download the app and discover what you shared.

If you need to share more artwork information with parties outside of simplify.art check out the exports we have in the browser version.

  • Open the artwork in activities
  • Tap on the arrow icon on the top right
  • Save artworks you like in your wishlist and artworks you own in your collection

Why are the images on the mobile app blurry for so long?

In order to provide you with a great offline experience, we are downloading your full archive, which takes a while when you already have extensive data saved. We do this, so that you can work smoothly also in areas with bad cell reception or no wifi, like art storages and art fairs.

Your data is stored on a secure virtual private cloud which basically means its state of the art servers that we rent for you and the security is a bit like online banking, just standards of the 21st century.

  • The simplify.art mobile app is for free
  • To use simplify.art on your computer, sign up at www.simplify.art/login and pick a subscription plan
  • simplify.art is cloud-based you can access your archive anywhere at any time.