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simplify.art is intuitive, allows to save multiple images at a time and reduces your admin efforts with optimised workflows so that you can shine at what you do best.

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We improved the way you access your most valuable information, provide offline access on the free mobile app and are continuously expanding our smart exports.

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Web access

Access your archive from anywhere and on all devices at all times.

Secure and save

Our system runs on a state of the art Virtual Private Cloud just like your online banking


We made in app sharing possible for you easily communicate all important info.

Free on mobile

Yes. It really is. Free. Ad-free. And private.

Smart exports

Make all the information you need available in seconds in pdf or csv exports.


Track your spendings or always find the best deal for framing again in your database.

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The simplify.art mobile app is for free. Your personal and private tool for saving artworks and sharing them with your peers or on Instagram – we integrated that for your convenience.